Animal Issues Reporter  Scholarships for Animal Journalism

“Knowledge is power,” goes the saying.

We at AIR couldn’t agree more. Solid information provides the basis for effective advocacy of all kinds.

We also believe in the power of the pen.

That’s where we journalists come in. It’s our job to gather and offer relevant facts.

But when it comes to animal issues, there aren’t anywhere near enough of us to go around.

AIR aims to encourage and train a force of skilled professional reporters for a groundbreaking new era of animal journalism.

Would you like to join that force?  Are you taking or planning to take college-level courses in journalism, writing, communications, film/video, and related fields?

If so, you might qualify for an Scholarship for Animal Journalism.

There are no age restrictions.

There are no set money amounts for the scholarships, nor are there are set numbers for how many scholarships AIR will be able to award in any given year. The amounts and the numbers depend entirely on how much AIR receives in income that year.  Ten percent of all AIR’s net profits go into the AIR Scholarship fund.

Currently all of AIR’s income is from readers who sponsor us, so please encourage your friends and family to become AIR Sponsors for just $10 per year!

Deadline for applications is March 1 of every year.

To apply for AIR Scholarships:

1. Please send us the following information in the body of an email to airinfo AT yahoo DOT com:

  • The name of the college or university to which you have been admitted or are currently attending
  • Whether you are or will be a full-time or part-time student
  • What your major and minor are or will be
  • Which journalism-related classes you are taking or plan to take
  • When you will begin attending college (if you haven’t already)
  • 1,250 words or less about why you would like to receive an AIR Scholarship – please include what animals mean to you, what journalism means to you, your career hopes and dreams, and why you think you can put the scholarship to good use
  • 500 words or less about your academic achievements, your extracurricular activities, your previous writing experience (if any) and your work experience (if any)
  • Three samples of your own writing on any topic, each 2,500 words or less, whether published or not

2. If you’re already attending college, please ask your teachers, two (2) from high school and two (2) from college,  to send us recommendation letters in the body of an email (4 separate emails – one from each teacher) to ???.

Ask your teachers to tell us in the letters why they think you’d be a good candidate for an AIR Scholarship. If you haven’t yet begun attending college, please ask four (4) of your high school teachers to send us recommendation letters as described above.

Please ask your teachers to include their names, the names of their schools, and their contact info in the letters, and make sure they know we will contact them as part of our routine double-checks.

We’ll try to get back to you by June 1, but we’re always swamped, so please understand if we run late.

Thanks for your interest and good luck!