‘Strong will to live’: Rescuers try new treatment for severely ill street dog Daniel

Daniel battles starvation, mange, and the involuntary jerking movements left behind after a bout with distemper.
Photo: Yvette Holzbach

By Katerina Lorenzatos Makris

It’s a wrenching decision. You live in a city where thousands of homeless animals struggle to survive the nightmare of the streets. You work hard, spending your own time and money, and sometimes risking your health, safety, and sanity to catch, nurse, and find homes for as many of the desperate creatures as you can. But some of them are in such bad shape—racked by disease and starvation—that the kindest thing you can offer is a painless death in a veterinarian’s office.

Kelle Mann Davis recently faced such a decision. Volunteers in her group , which cares for dogs and cats from one of the most deeply impoverished and crime-ridden areas of Houston, had found an extremely ill dog they named Daniel. Read the rest of this entry »


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