Cheaters: Is there something you need to tell me?

Waiting / Photo: Bob Hennis

Milestone! This is the 50th article on our fledgling little Animal Issues! It’s fitting that should be its author, because she’s been wonderfully supportive of this website from the beginning. Many thanks to her and to all of AIR’s other reporters for their fine work and can-do spirit. And of course giant thanks to all our readers! Please keep tuning in and/or click the ‘Follow’ button to receive email notifications of new articles so you won’t miss any of our writers’ upcoming great work.

By Anneloes Wagenaar Hummelinck

In the beginning, two years ago, we were so happy together. I always had his full attention, and he wanted my opinion on everything. We talked a lot back then. After a long day at work, I couldn’t wait to see him, and he was always overjoyed that I was home again. He loved everything I served him, just because it was served by me.

But as time went by, our relationship changed. Read the rest of this entry »

Why cats and computers don’t mix

A little fun to start your week off on the right paw: Animal Issues is pleased to present our debut article from Anneloes Wagenaar Hummelinck, AIR’s European Correspondent, Director of Outreach Programs, part-time humorist, and diligent cat observer. Welcome and thank you, Anneloes!

Ozzy – all seven kilos of him – weighs in on important animal issues while Anneloes tries to write about them / Photo: Anneloes Wagenaar Hummelinck

by Anneloes Wagenaar Hummelinck

Cats are great pets. They keep you company when you’re alone, comfort you when you’re hurt or lonely and they are always ready to listen to you. Plus, they are more independent than dogs and a lot less work (no walks!). Reasons enough to make them the number one pet in Holland, where I live (and why I have two).

The downside of cats

Cute as they are, there is a downside to having cats (besides having to clean the litter box, I mean). They always, always want to know what you’re doing and, if it doesn’t involve them, they seem slightly offended and want to be what you are doing.

Doesn’t matter if you’re reading a book (they just lie on the book) or working on your computer (they lie on your keyboard). The latter can have some serious consequences. Read the rest of this entry »


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