Americans can help end South Korean consumption of dog and cat meat, says advocate

“Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) believes that educating people, so that they recognize that dogs are sentient beings, and getting these people to understand that the dog meat industry causes reprehensible suffering, will help in bringing an end to the industry.” – KARA / Photo: KARA

By Katerina Lorenzatos Makris

“Every year in South Korea, over two million dogs and thousands of cats are killed for food,” said Rosalyn Morrison. “Many are sadistically tortured prior to slaughter to ‘improve’ the taste of the meat—dogs are hung, beaten, torched, and killed in a variety of other horrific manners, while cats are boiled alive.”

Legislative assistant for government and legal affairs at , Morrison said that today the picture turns especially dark for South Korea’s dogs.

August 7 is one of the lunar calendar’s Bok Days, designated as the three hottest days of summer. Some Koreans believe that during this scorching weather, eating dog meat keeps you cool. Read the rest of this entry »

Want to do something about the South Korean dog and cat meat trade?

“The dirty secret is that, in the end, it really all comes down to money.” – Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) / Photo: KARA

by Katerina Lorenzatos Makris

spokesperson Rosalyn Morrison said that because the United States and South Korea enjoy strong trade relations, Americans have the power to pressure the South Korean government to enact and enforce laws against the torture and consumption of dogs and cats.

On the AWI website the group urges:

“Many South Korean animal advocates see their nation’s hosting of the 2018 Winter Olympics as an opportunity to focus international light on the practice, and in so doing finally bring an end to the deplorable dog meat trade.

“Please send letters to the South Korean ambassador, the President of South Korea, and the Secretary General of the United Nations urging South Korea to stop killing dogs for human consumption.”

Contact information is as follows: Read the rest of this entry »


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