What is AIR?

When is it bad to recycle?  When it’s the news!

Many of today’s articles about animals are just re-hashed, rephrased ‘used’ news.

Want fresh, accurate, directly sourced, professionally reported info that’s 100% all about animals?

Want detailed, nuts-and-bolts articles on what’s happening to animals and to the people who care about them worldwide?


AnimalIssuesReporter.org (AIR)

Professional, independent journalism. Accurate, balanced, sourced.

AIR’s only ties are to the truth.

Animals deserve fresh AIR.

Ever wonder why mainstream media don’t devote even one full-time beat reporter to explore animal issues in depth?

Maybe it’s because they don’t yet know how many readers are hungry for that coverage.

AIR is one of the world’s only producers of probing and solid reporting that’s 100% all about animals and the problems they face.

Please give AIR the page views and the patronage to prove that animals deserve fresh AIR.

Help us give animal issues ongoing, in-depth coverage—not just when the latest undercover video comes out.

Help us maintain a team of topnotch, well-informed reporters who can devote their full attention and expertise to keeping close tabs on animal issues.

Help us build up enough followers and page views so that we can, on your behalf, ask those in government and in the animal use industries to explain their policies and practices.

Tell the world that animals deserve fresh AIR.

Please spread the word about this groundbreaking new site—AnimalIssuesReporter.org.

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