New journalist Krissy Guzman becomes Animal Issues Reporter’s first intern

‘My mom Krissy Guzman is Animal Issues’s first intern!’ says Sparky.
Photo: Krissy Guzman

By AIR Editorial Team

Animal Issues Reporter (AIR) is delighted to introduce our very first intern, Krissy Guzman. Welcome Krissy!

How did we luck into meeting Krissy? Recently AIR asked contacts if they knew of anyone who might volunteer for us to cover a demonstration in Houston, Texas. A Walmart store there was going to be the target of  volunteers protesting the use of tightly-confining gestastion crates in high-volume pig farming.

Anna Barbosa of kindly replied right away and put the word out via the group’s .

Within just a few hours, Guzman had enthusiastically agreed to help, and the very next morning she braved the blazing Houston heat to stand outside Walmart and interview the protestors and Phil Letten, MFA’s national campaign coordinator currently leading the .

Please be on the lookout for Krissy’s upcoming articles about that event and other issues, and make sure to share the links.

One of AIR’s main missions is to mentor a force of skilled reporters for a groundbreaking new era of animal journalism. You can help in that effort by reading, “Like-ing,” and spreading the links to our interns’ work so that they know they’re appreciated.  (And we wouldn’t mind you doing the same for articles by us old-timers too!)

Although AIR is an all-volunteer team right now, we do try to pay travel expenses for our reporters and interns who cover events. So another way you could help would be to become an AIR Sponsor for just $10 per year (PayPal/credit card link above). Thanks for anything you can do!

Here’s a little more about Krissy:

Krissy Guzman’s lifelong interest in journalism led to her first published article—an interview with Houston Rockets player Robert Horry for the Houston Chronicle. Her other passion is for animals, encouraged by her late grandfather, who often picked up ailing strays, nursed them to back to health, and found them new homes.

Currently Krissy works as a kennel tech for a veterinary clinic. In her previous position she helped a pet supply store connect with local rescue groups to set up highly successful adoption events. Following her grandfather’s example, Krissy often does rescue herself. Her own three dogs are former strays.

As AIR’s first intern reporter, Krissy combines her two passions—journalism and animals—to write about animal issues in Texas and around the world.

Read Krissy’s first interview for AIR!

Walmart Cruelty Tour interviews: Pork is from ‘depressed, stressed, and sick’ pigs, says protester

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2 Comments on “New journalist Krissy Guzman becomes Animal Issues Reporter’s first intern”

  1. Tina Frisco says:

    You rock, Krissy! You’re a true gentle warrior.

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